Advent-ure 2012

Published November 30, 2012 by espero

imageTechnically, I’m only doing pictures but since it’s still November, I might get away with a quick wee description of what I’ll be doing this year.

The lovely restored plank has 24 hooks each with a red tag hanging from it. The tag has one of the names of Jesus on one side and the relevant verse on the other side, so each day we will be looking at a different facet of who Jesus is. There is no way my kids would let me away with doing something so worthy and holy by itself. No chance. So there will also be smaller brown tags (when amazon finally deliver them) hanging off each hook with something festive to do, eat or read each day. As it gets closer to my college deadline I predict there will be more of the reading, less of the doing.

So there you go. I’ll post some pics at some point and, fingers crossed, not turn into Cruella de Ville in the process…or retreat to the shed!


2 comments on “Advent-ure 2012

  • that is just beautiful Espero. Simple but effective. The only advent thing we have in our house is a cardboard Santa advent calendar from mother in law. Well intentioned it might be but has no relevance to what Christmas is about, last night’s picture behind the number 2 was 2 tennis rackets and a ball…..

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